Share gear. Buy less. Ride more.

The Oütlas program aims to redefine what we winter sports lovers use and how we use it. It is a plan that transfers us away from a linear economy to a circular one that chimes with the natural world. It moves away from the status quo towards eco-friendly technology and infrastructure projects that can decarbonize our industry, from packaging to logistics and transportation to materials.

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Shred the Anthropocene

Oütlas is a social network for likeminded individuals who love outdoor pursuits and who wish to help others share gear, buy less and ride more.

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The program:

The brief:



Help riders share gear, buy less and ride more

Reduce rider's carbon emissions

Imagine traveling to a new country to experience your favourite outdoor pursuit but without the need to carry all of your gear with you. Imagine how great that new experience could be with real local knowledge from somebody who shares your passion and expertise. We help to connect you to local experts from within the network who can provide the best gear at your destination and the the local knowledge to transform your trip into the adventure of a lifetime while leaving a smaller footprint on planet earth.


Action Sports Riders Club

Join the movement for advice or offer assistance, covering but not limited to skiers, snowboarders and mountain bikers (and guides).



Oütlas celebrates provenance, the crafters, the makers, the shapers. Share gear with likeminded riders in and around your local resort.



A list of specialist outdoor pursuit gear providers who want to give back to their customers, to minimise the impact on the planet.



Keep gear in action for longer. Better than new, high-quality stuff that lasts for years and is repaired, so we don’t have to buy more of it.



Explore your local area with our guide to carbon-neutral spots to shred, local resort sustainability and help protect where we play.


Mountain Safety

Find a friend to hike with (much safer), get the latest insights from riders and guides in the area and play safe out in the mountains.


Circular Economy

Closed-loop, circular economy approach to action sports and adventure travel. Reduce, reuse, refurbish, recycle.


Zero Waste

Utilise what is made, increase the lifespan of products and establish a data set that helps the industry to transition to zero waste.




This guide to Scotland features six mountain resorts, a selection of rental shops, repair stores, local mountain guides and points of interest. Not intended to be comprehensive, Oütlas present a discerning edit of our favourite spots to visit in the mountains.

Dedicated to sharing snow sports gear, accounts of adventure, innovation, style and discovery – the people who visit, contemplate, document and inhabit the outer edges of our home planet in action sports culture, fashion, in the mountain and oceans.

Exploring the infinite options of spaces in nature, adventure and style, for people who are interested in the greater world around them. To protect where we play.







• Share Gear • Buy Less • Ride More

Activities, outcomes, outputs, outcome indicators and tools/methods recorded inline with SDG goals 3, 11, 12 & 13.

Shred the Anthropocene

What if we didn't buy the goods themselves, but instead bought the service, favouring access and performance over ownership?

Our geological future relies on a multitude of solutions to the climate crisis. Human activity has caused unprecedented and in some places irreversible damage, we have little time to act. But act we must. Help us to compile the definitive list of rental and repair services and their respective locations.

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