We believe our industry is a key driver of climate change; raising temperatures, shortening winters and reducing snowfall.

Oütlas seeks to inspire the adventurer

Oütlas is a social network for like-minded individuals who love outdoor pursuits and who wish to help others share gear, buy less and ride more.

Resort profiles feature data scores and analysis of sustainability, price and accessibility for all levels and abilities.

Along with the most respected photographers in
the world, Oütlas will zoom in and showcase behind thescenes action sports gear, guide pro$les and rental &repair stores.

We connect riders to low carbon methods, in the protection of natural habitats harnessing the power of the outdoor community.




Percentage of Global Emissions from Transport within the tourism sector


is attributable to air travel


Aircraft not only create CO2 but also non-CO2 emissions such as water vapour, aerosols and nitrogen oxides. This can increase air travel climate impact by 2 to 4 times


A full single decker bus can replace around 40 cars, making buses a great option for sustainable travel where rail networks are
not available


Globally the proportion of urban residents who have convenient access to public transport


The average European car in the EU emits 1.8 tons of CO2 in a year


In Europe there is a 9,100 km high-speed rail network and an increasing number of cross border night trains means that the train can be considered a true alternative to the airplane for cross-Europe travel.




Ed Leigh

Ed Leigh is part of the presenting team for the BBC2 show Ski Sunday and regularly works for Red Bull TV on a host of live events from skateboarding and BMX, through to Enduro and mountain biking. He also worked with Whisper Films as the live anchor for Sail GP’s first two seasons of international coverage.

Probably best known as the BBC’s voice of action and adventure sports at the Olympics. Leigh has commentated on the winter games since 2006 and the summer games since 2012.

Leigh got his first regular work on Channel 4's RTS award winning series Freesports On 4 covering action sports events around the world. Leigh has built up a diverse portfolio of work ranging from Ed vs. Spencer for Sky 1 to My Life As An Animal for BBC3.

Having worked as editor of Whitelines Snowboard Magazine, Leigh's TV career started presenting Trailer Park on Turners CNX channel CNX, alongside Christian Stevenson.

After doing the voice over for the Extreme Sports Channel's Gumball 3000 series in 2004, he followed the Rally as a hitch hiker/presenter for 2005 and Gumball 2006: Around the world in 8 days.


In 2007, Leigh became co-presenter of the BBC's Ski Sunday series with Graham Bell after his commentary at the 2006 Winter Olympics helped bring the snowboarding to life: his memorable exclamation "Drama! Jacobellis is down!" at the comedic climax of the Women's Snowcross Final made his name.[citation needed] Leigh has commentated on snowboarding events at the all subsequent Winter Olympics.

Leigh presented a spin show from Ski Sunday, High Altitude, which ran for the winter of 2009 on BBC2, with Graham Bell.

During the 2012 Summer Olympics Ed commentated on Beach Volleyball for the BBC alongside Matt Chilton and also at the BMX event in the cycling.



Tom Lenartowicz



Sami Tuoriniemi



Danny Burrows



Michael MacDonald



Hamish Duncan

An ex-professional snowboarder turned digital designer, photographer and maker. I record contemporary social issues, focusing on environment, identity and mental health through the medium of photography. My pictures are a representation of my intuitive sense of metaphor and creative vision, and in series form dictate nuanced narratives on my chosen subjects. Past projects include ‘Balaenidae’, a series of typologies on Amsterdam’s plastic pollution, for the NGO Plastic Whale; and TwentyTwo, a photographic exploration of the shadow self, from which an image, ‘Fountain of Youth Niland’, was selected for the final exhibition of Wells Arts Contemporary in 2018.

Oütlas is an encyclopedia of action sports and adventure travel, a world atlas of specialist gear, local guides, and authentic stores for rental and repair. We aim to catalogue over 10,000 data points, with tonnes of thousands yet to be researched and mapped. The popular shapes, as well as the forgotten graphics and terrain of every resort, region and backcountry in the world.

In winter 2018/19 I drove the Patagonia WornWear 'tiny house' for the crew of seamsters where the program concept for the encyclopedia to decarbonise action sports and adventure came about.


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