Glen Shee (Scottish Gaelic: Gleann Sith) is a glen in eastern Perthshire, Scotland.[1][2] Shee Water flows through the glen. The head of the glen, where Gleann Taitneach and Glen Lochsie meet, is approximately 2 km north-west of the Spittal of Glenshee; it then runs south-east to Bridge of Cally where it merges with Strathardle to form Glen Ericht. Once known as the glen of the fairies it takes its name from the Gaelic "sith" meaning fairy and the old meeting place at the standing stone behind the present day church is called Dun Shith or Hill of the Fairies.

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Sustainability Report

Wildlife Preservation

The region in and around the Glenshee Ski Centre is full of a diversity for plants and birds. The Ski Centre lies within the Nature reserve at Caenlochan. The Ski Centre is also within Sites of Scientific Interest and due to European legislation a Special Protection Area for birds and a Special Area of Conservation for vegetation have been introduced which incorporate part of the Ski Centre. They also claim that no new construction or snow making harms the animals or ecosystem. 

The Ski Centre is open between December and March, only making extra snow during these colder months and for special events, reducing impact on the natural cycle of plants and animals. 

Green Transport

There is no public transport to Glenshee Ski Centre. Without a car the journey has to be done partially by taxi. A train can be taken from Edinburgh to Pitlochry and then a 40 minute taxi to the ski centre. Alternatively a bus (71) to Spittal of Glenshee (includes several changes and a train to get to Spittal of Glenshee from Edinburgh) can be taken and then a taxi to reach the Centre. The Ski centre does not have accommodation and therefore taking a car is advised as daily travel to and from is essential. 

EV charging station are available at the Ski Centre. The are 8 total connection points (commando type). 

Waters Usage

The Glenshee Ski Centre has snow making capabilities. It has a SnowFactory and 4 further old snow making machines which may not be in use, depending on the amount of snow needed and the capabilities of the more efficient SnowFactory. Due to the abundance of water and rainfall in Scotland, water usage is currently not a major issues, but this may change with more droughts of increase severity. 

Source of Energy

The Glenshee Ski Centre is not connected to the Grid and makes its own power. Diesel Generators are used to generate electricity and power the entire Centre including the snow making facilities and the ski lifts (which are the longest in the UK).  

Future Planning

Glenshee Ski Centre was planning on securing funding for an Off-grid wind power generation and storage system. This would include a ~100kW wind turbine and battery storage to power the entire Centre. Funding may have been secured, but due to the Covid Pandemic this plan may not occur as UK skiing has not been able to generate as much income the past couple of seasons. 

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