Nevis Range

The Nevis Range alpine ski area is located on the mountain's northern and eastern slopes. The ski area was opened in 1989.[5] A gondola lift and several chairlifts and ski tows provide access to 54 runs. These include Scotland's highest pistes and best off piste backcountry skiing itineraries in the back corries of Coire Dubh, Coire an Lochan, Summit Coire and the West Face. The ski area was originally eponymous, but later appropriated the name "Nevis" from the mountain's more famous neighbour Ben Nevis. The change sparked some controversy. Whilst Nevis is no doubt easier to pronounce than Aonach Mòr for non-Scottish Gaelic speakers, it was considered by some to represent an erasure of an indigenous name.

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Nevis Range

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£339.50 (Early Bird) / £402
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Shiel Bus 41 (Fort William)
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Nevis Range (ChargePlace Scotland)

* Values derived from national statistics, might differ from the resort itself.

Sustainability Report

Wildlife Preservation

The Nevis Range Ski Resort is adjacent to a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), which includes most of the mountain the Resort is located on (Aonach Mor)

The Resort opens seasonally and while summer activities are still active, the area isn’t hurt by artificial snow in the off season.

Water Usage

Freshwater is abundant in Scotland due to the lakes and rainfall. Nevis Range has 3 snow making machines, producing around 155 tons of flake ice per day. While more efficient than conventional snow guns, it takes a lot of water to create the snow.

Green Transport

Nevis Range Mountain Experience and the Town of Fort Williams are easily accessible by public transport. Fort William is connected directly by train to the hub of Glasgow. The 512 Shiel (N41) bus goes from the Fort Williams city centre to the Nevis Range Ski Area and information on times is available at the bus stop or the tourist information on the high street.

EV charge stations are available at the Nevis Range parking lot. There are 4 charging devise, comprising a total of 8 connectors. This station is run by the ChargePlace Scotland Network.

Source of Energy

With Scotland’s push to use more renewables, it currently produces most of its electricity from renewable energy. The Government estimated that on 2020, 56% of electricity was generated from renewables. 13% are still from fossil fuels, while 30% are nuclear.

The Nevis Range also buys hydroelectric energy from a nearby Hydroelectric plant owned by Equitix and run by Green Highlands Renewables. The green energy powers the gondola, base station and EV charge points, while the rest still makes use of the national.

Future Planning

Planned building construction is currently underway until November 2022, where a new hotel, restaurant, bike shop and more is being built. The Nevis Range experience have a Masterplan, detailing their values and how they wish to run their business and its development. Like Scotland as a whole, it shows dedication to net zero, and works with companies with similar ideologies such as BHC, striving to be SteelZero (Zero emission production).

Additional Information

The Café at Nevis Range has net zero carbon emissions and does not use plastic for fresh beverages and food.

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