The Lecht

The Lecht Ski Centre is an alpine ski area in the Cairngorms in the Scottish Highlands. The ski slopes are set around the mountains Beinn a' Chruinnich, 2,552 ft (778 m) and Meikle Corr Riabhach, 2556 ft (779 m). The Lecht is the smallest ski area in Scotland in terms of area, number of runs and vertical drop and as such is the most suitable for beginners.

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The Lecht 2090

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Sustainability Report

Wildlife Preservation

The Lecht 2090 lies within in the Cairngorms national park and is adjacent to the Cairngorm Special Area of conservation (SAC). While is doesn’t lie within the SAC, the resort still follows rules pertaining to the national park and the Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act 2004. 

The Resort is open to winter activities from December until April, corresponding to the winter season and allowing for the natural seasons not to be disrupted. The rest of the year, the resort is used for mountain biking. 

Water Usage

There is an abundance in freshwater in Scotland due to the lakes and rainfall. The Lecht 2090 operates a Snowfactory to ensure the ski season can start on time, as well as 4 snow cannons and a specialised snow groomer. The snow cannons are relatively new and the latest technology ensuring greater efficiency. Electrical needs are therefore reduced and the output is far greater compared to the replaced 20 year old snow cannons.  The Lecht 2090 has also put on ski events in June which would require more water than in the winter months due to higher temperatures and less initial snow. 

Green Transport

There is currently no public transport available to and from the Lecht 2090. The closest big town to the resort is Aviemore, which is 35 miles away. 

There are also currently no EV charge stations at the site, but funds have been secured to build them in the future. They will be powered by the 150kW wind turbine which also feeds the Snowfactory. 

Source of Energy

Scotland currently produces most of its electricity from renewable energy, due to its increased investment to become greener. The Government estimated that on 2020, 56% of electricity was generated from renewables. 13% are still from fossil fuels, while 30% are nuclear. 

The Lecht 2090 has a 150kW wind Turbine that is used to power the Snowfactory exclusively. The artificial snow created therefore does not increase the emission of the resort. 

Future Planning

The Lecht 2090 is introducing 2 greener solutions. The EV charging stations will allow more electric cars to charge at the resort, further incentivising the use of Electric cars. They have also gained funding to build 2 water bottle refilling station, to help decrease single use plastics and encourage the use of refillable and greener bottles. 

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